Lanin Volcano

General Description

Lanín 3776 m (12,293 ft) is an ice cone-shaped volcano on the border of Argentina and Chile, ideal for intermediate to expert climbers. From the summit you have a fantastic view of lakes Huechulafquen, Paimún, Tromen and Quillén, the Mt.Tronador and the Villarrica Volcano.

Although the date of its last eruption is not known, it is estimated to have occurred within the last 10,000 years.

Trip Info

  • Location: Lanin National Park, Patagonia Argentina
  • Difficulty: Media
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Ratio Guide – Client: 1:4
  • Requisite: Excellent condition physical


Day 1

We will meet up in Bariloche town to check the mountain gear and arrange the last details.

Day 2

Drive from Bariloche to base of Lanin approximately 320 km. Hike up to the hut at 2400m, aprox 5 hours.

Day 3

Climb to the summit of Lanin by the North Face and return to sleep a second night in the hut.

Day 4

Descend from the hut to the base of Lanin and drive back to Bariloche.