Lake District Volcano Tour

General Description

Lonquimay Volcano: It is placed in the Malalcahello National Park and in the “Pacific Fire cord” (name of the volcanoes with more activity in the south of Chile). Its privileged site allows us to observe the beautiful monkey puzzle forest and from its summit Volcanoes Llaima, Villarrica, Lanín, Quetrupillán, Sierra Nevada, beautiful lakes, rivers, etc. Another great attraction of this volcano is the fact that its crater, about 800 meters long, is one of the biggest craters of the Chilean volcanoes.

Llaima Volcano: Llaima Volcano is 3125 meters and the highest one that we will climb during our trip. It is located in Conguillo Los Paraguas ( “the umbrellas“) National Park, which is named this way due to the umbrella shape of the monkey puzzle trees in the forest. Nowadays, this volcano is in full activity, this is why it is essential to reach its summit from a place that the wind treats us favorable to avoid inhaling the volcanic gas emissions. Its crater-summit is about 200 meters long, is very deep and has vertical walls in the inside part. Really impressive! From this stunning point will be able to observe numerous volcanoes that emerge from green valleys and the lakes that give origin to the gigantic Bio Bío River.

Antuco Volcano: It arises inside Laguna de Las Lajas National Park. This lake “Laguna” is the result of an eruption where the lava blocked Lajas River and formed such peculiar panorama. Its crater- summit is still active and of a small sized dimension, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding lakes.

Villarrica Volcano: Spectacular, magic and very active volcano is the principal scene of the Villarrica National Park. Its calm and enjoyable ascent will take us to its amazing huge crater where we will admire the show of the lava explosions as well as the uncountable lakes that surround the mountain. There is no doubt that this will be one of the most spectacular days of our trip.

Osorno Volcano: Osorno volcano with its perfect shape is part of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, situated between the largest lakes of Patagonia and a few kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean. The volcano is not actually in activity, the last time it erupted was in 1969. Because of its high and latitude, this volcano will be technically the most difficult one in our circuit. We will have to walk on its glacier tied to a rope and even climb a short ice section to reach the summit. From there, we will have great views of Cerro Tronador in Argentina, the Pacific Ocean and the immense Llanquihue Lake.

Casablanca Volcano: It is situated in the Puyehue National Park surrounded by the Valdivian rain forest and elevates between Puyehue and Rupanco Lakes. An easy ascent on the volcanic sand and snow will leave us at the summit-crater. From here we will have a wonderful view of Cerro Tronador and of the volcanoes Puyehue, Osorno and Puntiagudo. We choose this volcano as our last destiny not only for the beauty of the landscape but also because it has an easy ascent and relatively short, this allows us to have some time to rest and enjoy the hot springs of the area before going back home.

Trip Info

During this circuit we will climb 6 Volcanoes: Lonquimay, Llaima, Antuco, Villarrica, Osorno and Casablanca. These are situated in the amazing Lake District in the Chilean Patagonia.

  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Prerequisite: Good physical condition


Day 1: Temuco (Airport) – Malalcahuello town

Reception at the airport – Drive to Malalcahuello. Approx. 1 ½ hs Drive. Lodging in Suizandina Hostel.

Day 2: Malalcahuello / Lonquimay Volcano / Malalcahuello

Climb Lonquimay Volcano and return to Malalcahuello. Approx 6 hs hike

Day 3: Malalcahuello / Volcano Llaima / Malalcahuello

Climb Llaima Volcano and back to Malalcahuello. Approx 10 hs hike plus 1 hour drive.

Day 4: Malalcahuello / Antuco town

Drive to Antuco going through Los Angeles town where we will buy some food and anything we need for the next two days. Approx 4hs drive plus the stop in Los Angeles. Lodging in Malalcurá Hostel.

Day 5: Antuco / Volcano Antuco / Antuco

Climb Antuco Volcano. Approx 8 hs hike

Day 6: Antuco / Pucón

Drive from Antuco to Pucón, stopping at Temuco to have lunch and buying anything we need. Approx 4 hs drive. Lodging in Cabins

Day 7: Pucón / Volcano Villarrica / Pucón

Climb Villarrica volcano. Approx 8hs  

Day 8: Rest day in Pucón town

In Pucón there are many things to do, going to the beach of Villarrica Lake, going to hot springs, riding horses, etc.

Day 9: Pucón / Refuge Volcano Osorno

Drive from Pucón to Refuge of Osorno Volcano stop for lunch. Approx 5 hs drive. Lodging in Refuge T-Ski.

Day 10: Refuge / Volcano Osorno / Re

Climb Osorno Volcano and return to the Refuge. Approx 8 hs hike.

Day 11: Refugio Volcano Osorno / Aguas Calientes town

Drive from Osorno Volcano to Aguas calientes. Approx 1 ½ hs drive. Lodging in cabins “Termas Aguas Calientes” (hot springs available all day long)

Day 12: Aguas Calientes town / Volcano Casa Blanca / Aguas Calientes town

Climb Casablanca Volcano and return to Aguas Calientes cabins. Approx 5 hs hike

Day 13: Aguas Calientes town / Pucón

Drive to Pucón 4hs, and lodging in cabins. We have the rest of the day in Pucón to buy souvenirs, walk around or to do anything we desire

Day 14: Pucón / Temuco (Airport)

Drive to Airport.  1hs drive.

Note: Everyday that we are driving we stop to have meals at restaurants or picnics. When we arrive to each of our destinies, we still have time in the afternoon to walk around towns, mountains or resting, etc.