Volcanoes Ski Touring

General Description

We have designed a ski touring trip that visits the most outstanding skiable volcanoes in northern Patagonia. However, we know that it is a long trip, so we adjust the trip to your time available. Could be one, two, three days, a week or whatever you like.

Volcanoes: Osorno, Casablanca, Villarica, Llaima, Lanín and Tronador

Alternatives: Cerro Catedral, Chall Huaco, Cerro Lopez, Bellavista and Goye

Trip Info

  • Location: Argentina and Chilean Patagonia Lake District
  • Difficulty: intermediate, we will be skiing up hill between 4 to 7 hours.
  • Duration: up to 14 days
  • Ratio Guide – Client: 1: 3
  • Prerequisite: Good physical condition. Intermediate to experienced skiers. Crampons previous experience is not necessary.


Day 1: Arrive in Bariloche

Meet the guide/es and check equipment. Buy supplies. Night in Bariloche.

Day 2: Warm up day on Cerro Catedral ski center

Or backcountry skiing on Mt. Challhuaco (vertical drop: 700m to 1500m). Night in Bariloche

Day 3: Drive to ski hut at Osorno Volcano

We will drive across the border to Chile. Possible to ski at the pass, Mt. Mirador (vertical drop: 500m). Night in a hut at Osorno Volcano

Day 4: Climb up Osorno Volcano (2652m).

Ski down and drive to Casablanca Volcano. Vertical drop: 1300m, Hot springs. We stay in a hotel in Puyehue

Day 5: Climb and ski down Casablanca Volcano (1990m).

Vertical drop: 950m. Drive to Pucón. Hot springs. Night in hotel in Pucón

Day 6: Climb and ski down Villarrica Volcano (2840m).

Vertical drop: 1300m. Drive to a Hut near Llaima Volcano.

Day 7: Climb and ski down Llaima Volcanoe (3125m)

Vertical drop: 1600m. Drive to Pucón. Hot springs.

Day 8: Drive across the border to Argentina to base of Lanín Volcano.

Climb to Lanin Hut. Vertical ascend: 1200m

Day 9: Climb to summit of Lanín (3776m).

Ski down to the base and drive to Junín de los Andes.

Day 10: Drive to Hotel in Bariloche

Free afternoon in town

Day 11: Drive to Pampa Linda (Tronador base).

Climb up to Meiling hut. Vertical ascend: 1000m. Night at Meiling hut.

Day 12: Climb up to the summit of Argentino peak (3250m).

We will ski down to Meiling hut were we will spend the night. Vertical ascend/drop: 1300m.

Day 13: Climb up to Motte Ridge (2400m)

And ski down to the base of Tronador. Vertical ascend: 500 / drop: 1500m

Day 14: We will take you to airport of Bariloche.

End of our services